Course Highlights

What are Jing, blog, GeoGebra, webinar, screencasts, diigo, and wordpress? No silly. I didn’t go to a dance class. It was a Math class. I attended Learning and Assessment in Secondary Math. I started this course expecting to do just what was required as any other online course. I thought I came prepared – SURPRISE. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. It was nothing like I expected.

First of all I was not expecting to be in a classroom talking with classmates. I was. It was a virtual classroom and it was wonderful. I had more fun than I have had in actual classrooms.  I learned so much from my classmates. Everything we did was available to everyone. We were able to comment on each other’s work and give constructive feedback. But our learning experience did not stop there.

We made a Wikipedia page on multiple representations. Was that possible? Yes, we really did. We attended several webinars each week where we listened to experts talk about changing the face of Mathematics. We were expected to ask question or comment- Intimidating, yet exhilarating. We were expected to critique several articles online. I was scared but had to gain the confidence to do this in order to move forward.

The question is asked to reflect on the course and give my highlights and low points. Well my low point is that the class is over and I haven’t had the opportunity to really let everything that took place sink in. I have been to so many places in cyber world, places I never knew existed. Places that would only enhance the teaching of mathematics in any classroom. Places that was exciting, fun and engaging. I have learned to use technology that I did not think was possible

Thank You Maria Droujkova. I just hope I can go and do likewise.

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