New Vision for Math

 Dan Meyers has a vision to take the teachers into the 21st Century and beyond so that we don’t kill the students with boredom. His Presentation on a New Vision for Math was very enlightening. He pointed out that students are impatient in their problem solving and that they are not engaged by Math applications.

 He showed a simplistic approach that just required some thought could change an entire lesson-such as still waters and rafting down a hill with gushing waters. His question was what would make a more exciting and interesting problem. One of his concerns was that students may become engrossed in the event and not the problem.

 The bigger picture here is to create more interesting lesson by having a great hook. Students love challenges and teachers need to raise the bar in preparing the students for the future.  Maybe the students can sometimes come prepared to share (my thought borrowed from BYU). This way they are kept engaged.

 Dan believes that teachers should dare to be different. They need to be confident and comfortable in their classroom. I agree with this philosophy. It is just getting the school system to buy in, especially with the rigorous format and testing. However change is needed.

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